Case Histories

These case histories cover a variety of industries.  In each case, the use of our static control systems have increased production speeds, reduced rejects, saved money and / or created a safer work environment.

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Blow Molding  The “Blue Bar” addresses parison “fly apart” (341kB) …introduction of the Blue Bar eliminated the registration problem…
Fiber Optics The “Blue Bar” Eliminates Static – Increasing Production Speed by nearly 10% (90kB) …total static neutralization was achieved along with the added benefit of a 9.5% increase in production speed.
Plastic Bag Production  The “Blue Bar” Outperforms Traditional Static Control Devices on a Wicketer (62kB) Results show that residual static (voltage) on the bags was 86% lower with the Blue Bars than with the traditional bars
Capsule Filling  Static Control Improves Pharmaceutical Capsule & Bottle Filling Operation (101kB) Static induced rejects, caused from under-filling, were down considerably – from 9% to less than 1%.
Injection Molding  Static Control Improves Injection Molding Operation (59kB) The rejects and downtime previously caused by static were virtually eliminated.
Pre Paint  Magnum Force Ionized Air Knife – Outperforms All Other Blow-off Systems (90kB) … reducing the need for plant compressed air and having operating costs 45% lower than plant air systems.
Polishing Pads  Rotary Brush Cleaner Improves Plant Productivity 132% (91kB) Production time for each polishing pad decreased by 64% and overall productivity increased 132%.
Corrugated Printing  The Neutro-Vac with its 5-Phase Cleaning Systems Outperforms Conventional Cleaners (102kB) Saving the customer $79,000 per year in production losses.
Sheet Fed Printing  Static Control Solves Problems on Printing Press – Reduces Downtime and Saves Money (129kB) 22% Downtime Before Static Control:

8% Downtime After Static Control

Film Extrusion  A Serious Safety Hazard Eliminated by Using The “Blue Bar” (115kB) By using the Blue Bar system, the plant could operate free of shock hazards.  Complaints of operator shocks were reduced to zero.
Printing  Sheet Cleaner Helps Commercial Printer Reduce Downtime (118kB)

ROI:  308%

Payback Period: 4 months

Plastic Bag Production  Bag Maker Increases Production Speed – Saves Money (83kB) …resulted in extra 8-10 cycles per minute or a 3 to 5% increase in production speeds.  Also, the extra operator was no longer needed
Corrugated Printing  Printer Reduces Rejects and Increases Production (48kB) Rejects caused by specs and printing imperfections were reduced almost 75%.  Payback period 5 months.
Printing  Sheet Cleaner Reduces the Cost of Contamination (48kB) Downtime was drastically reduced — from shutting down from three times per shift to once every few days.
Flexographic Printing  Flexographic Package Printer Increases Productivity (59kB)  …where before they had problems running at 200 packets/min., they could now run trouble free at over 500 packets/min.