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Pactiv introduces and C.C.Steven now offers a complete line of shipping mailers engineered for reliable, user-friendly product protection – Hefty®Express™ shipping mailers.
Hefty®Express™ protective mailers feature the tough construction and dependable performance synonymous with the Hefty® Brand. This complete mailer family offers an economical method of guarding and containing products from damage during shipment or transfer.

Poly-Lite poly film mailers
Tuff-Kraft kraft reinforced mailers
Armor-Lite polyethylene air cushioned mailers
Gator-Pak kraft linerboard mailers
Gator-Pak Lite white chipboard mailers

Pactiv protective mailers can substantially improve the efficiency of your shipping operations. Unlike bulky boxes, they require no set-up and are easily closed by a self-sealing strip or another preferred method. Security and protection are built into these mailers making additional packing materials unnecessary. With Hefty® Express™ mailers Pactiv and C.C.Steven offers an unmatched spectrum of options from cushioning, to impact, to light surface protection.

Available now through C.C.Steven, 805-658-0207.

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