TrueAC Self Monitoring Power Supply

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The TrueAC is designed to operate with the R50 Blue Bar to provide consistent static neutralization while monitoring and controlling the equipment.

TrueAC Self Monitoring Power SuplyTrueAC Self Monitoring Power Supply

The TrueAC is designed to operate with the R50 Blue Bar to provide consistent static neutralization of materials traveling at speeds up to 2,500 feet per minute, while also monitoring and controlling the equipment. When the system is activated the BAR ON indicator is illuminated to let you know that the system is ready to go. During operation the TrueAC power supply monitors the static bar while also displaying the BAR PERFORMANCE RANGE, and indicates when the static bar needs to be cleaned with the CLEAN BAR indicator light.

The TrueAC system is also designed with LOCAL or REMOTE on/off control so the unit can be wired directly to your production line for better convenience and control. The power supply is equipped with an ARC-DETECTION circuit to protect the unit in the event of a short and should an arc occur, the BAR OFF and FAULT lights would illuminate as an additional visual indication that there is a problem with the system. There is even a SERVICE display that illuminates when the ionization has been terminated, or when there are electrical restrict- ions that affect the high voltage to the static bar.

The TrueAC Features

  • Bar ON indicator
  • Bar OFF indicator
  • Remote display capabilities for CLEAN BAR*, FAULT* and SERVICE*
  • CLEAN BAR indicator…factory set at 40% of maximum bar efficiency or can be set by user
  • FAULT indicator
  • Arc Detection circuit

* Dry contacts available via remote connector included with the unit.

Part Number Power Requirement Output Voltage Output Current Use With
IPTAC17 120VAC, 20VA, 50/60Hz 7 kVAC 3.0 mA Max R50 BlueBar
IPTAC27 230VAC, 20VA, 50/60Hz 7 kVAC 3.0 mA Max R50 BlueBar

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