Air Nozzle FAQ’s

What are ionizing air nozzles?

SIMCO’s ionizing air nozzles are ideal for delivering ionization  into inaccessible trouble spots, such as isolated, hard-to-reach sections, dirty  areas, or small spaces. Operating on compressed air, nozzles provide a highly  efficient pin-point source of ionization to neutralize charges in very specific  spots, often several inches away from the nozzle tip. At the same time, dust,  dirt, and particulate are blown away from the targeted surface. Available in  several styles, nozzles can be arranged in many configurations to accommodate  space limitations on industrial machinery. They are available individually or,  in the case of the HE and the HS, can be mounted on an air bar header.

What is a dead-end nozzle?

Dead-end nozzles have an integral high voltage cable for  connecting to a high voltage power supply. Dead-end nozzles are used for single  nozzle applications and as the last nozzle of a series together on one  cable.

What is a cable-thru nozzle?

Cable-thru nozzles do not come with a high voltage cable. They are  used for all nozzles of a series except the dead-end. Cable-thru nozzles are  designed to be attached to the cable. Requires a dead end nozzle with cable to  operate.